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Flying Sites for Paragliding in Oaxaca, Mexico


"Los Valles Centrales" are actually three valleys which merge together at the capitol city of Oaxaca (1,500 m. ASL). To the north east of the city extends the Etla Valley between the mountains of San Felipe, with peaks of 3,700 m. ASL, and the mountains of the Mixteca. This valley reaches the coastal plains of Veracruz, which means Oaxaca is affected by weather conditions from the Gulf of Mexico.

To the east is the valley of Tlacolula and to the South, our primary flying area, is the Valley of Zaachila.

These central valleys are areas of moderate winds with mountain peaks of 1,800 to 2,200 meters ASL and with a landscape that rises towards the Sierra Madre Occidental (3,000 meters ASL) before dramatically descending to the Oaxacan coast. 





Sta. Inés del Monte, Zachila

Location:      One hour Southeast of Oaxaca


Level:           All

Conditions:  600 hundred meters from launch to any of the many LZ's in the area. X-C flight is possible all year round. This is the most frequented site among the pilots of the region.


Location: 2.5 hours North of Oaxaca on the highway to Mexico City

Level: All

An impressive 400 meter vertical slope which lets you ridge soar for hours. There are multiple LZ's around the village and a magnificent view of the canyon and nearby waterfall.


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